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Antivirus protecting against banking trojan Zeus is out

Well-known to every person using payment systems, ZeuS banking trojan goes on spreading online with fabulous speed. It counts for almost 7% of all attacks in the world, 1% of which resulted in losing $10,000 to $100,000 from victim’s account, while 5% cases ended up with losing smaller amounts to someone’s pocket. It’s not difficult to estimate the level of losses Zeus has caused to users of Internet banking and online payment systems worldwide. Not only individuals, but also corporations are at risk – they can easily lose the money intended for paying the people.
Trojan specializes on the brokerage accounts and pension funds in the West, especially affecting accounts of the Bank of America, where any single holder can become a victim. As for the East and developing countries like Russia, where Internet banking has only recently started developing, such payment systems as Assist, Yandex.Money, WebMoney and OSMP (Qiwi) are at risk, alongside with Alfa-Bank and Citibank whose addresses the virus already got in its files.
Virus has the ability to spy on the user’s data and transfer it to the intruders. This includes both financial authentication information and any other located on your computer, as ZeuS can transfer anything you have on it via remote access. Antivirus and security systems usually can’t help, as well as the up-to-date protection measures like certificates and pass keys to personal accounts, coordinate systems, and cut-ins of extra authentication forms (e.g., «magic word» beside the password field): everything was registered to be bypassed.
One should remember that Zeus can also possess danger for card holders. The present banking service enables users to change the statistics billing address in the internet, and therefore any card can suddenly get a new house and spend its balance on large online shops like wallmart.com.
Zeus is also reported to use the so-known autosaves: if the victim completed authorization process in online payment system from an exposed PC, it makes Trojan able to transmit all the money to hackers during the session. Moreover, it is now using Virtual Network Computing (VNC), which was registered in virus’s latest version. VNC allows Zeus to do whatever it wants itself, including unobtrusive use of a standard browser like Firefox and Internet Explorer to log into any payment or banking system and send the money from your account, which means that user’s participation in the process is not even required.
Due to the main innovation of the Trojan, which is polymorphic encryption, it became almost uncatchable for many antivirus, even if they have their virus database updated. The good news is that the solution seems to be finally found, with the Martindale Enterprises Limited recently releasing a new software product called Shield EC on the market. According to the designers, the software guarantees a complete protection from the menace, even if its code isn’t contained in the antivirus databases.
Shield EC is said to be a result of a 2-year cooperation of Martindale Enterprises Limited and Zeus Tracker, specializing on virus spreading prevention, and is called to be a perfect choice for large corporations as it can help prevent the financial losses.
The software can be bought at the distributors’ online website. Since it costs about $75, almost everyone who has something to lose can afford it.

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